We at A Pest Pro always tell our customers that fleas are not only pests of pets. They can also be very harmful to you and your family. Flea bites can lead to skin irritation, rashes, allergic reactions, sores, loss of hair, and even trauma.

Bad news is the climate in Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, Texas is close to perfect for their breeding. Good news is you have trusted pest control service in your area. Here at A Pest Pro, we only provide safe, sustainable, and highly effective Flea Pest Control Solutions for residential and commercial properties. Don’t hesitate to call us immediately if you detect signs of a flea infestation in your area.

Types of Fleas

  • Dog Fleas – Don’t be misled by the name. Common dog fleas will also feed on human blood. They are known carriers of tapeworm parasites which often threaten the health of cats and dogs.
  • Cat Fleas – These are the most common fleas found in American homes. They are known to lay eggs and infest in carpets, curtains, couches, and even under the mattresses. Like dog fleas they also enjoy human blood.
  • Human Fleas – These pests are the proof that fleas not just for cats and dogs. This species particularly prefers the blood of humans and pigs. They are often spread through public vehicles and the seats of commercial establishments. They often hide in the hairy parts of the person i.e. head and underarms.
  • Oriental Rat Fleas – There are two kinds of rat fleas: the Oriental and Northern. The Oriental rat flea is more common in Texas, particularly in coastal areas and rivers. They are known to spread dangerous bacteria. In fact, they are the primary pests involved in the Black Death plague.

Other Types of Fleas

  • Sticktight Fleas – Burying their heads into the skin of animals and humans makes them quite hard to remove when attached.
  • Chicken Fleas – Often found in the face or head of the chicken and can look like dirt or blackheads at first glance.
  • Sand Fleas – The most distinct-looking fleas that greatly resemble small shrimps. They are often found in beaches feeding on withering plants, but will bite and latch on to your ankles or legs.
  • Springtail Fleas – Known to stay in moist, damp areas and jump up to four feet.

Flea Pest Control Services

Flea Treatment – Rest assured that all our services are safe for pets and kids alike. We no longer resort to foggers or flea bombs because they only target adult fleas.

Flea Prevention – A good defense is the best offense when it comes to making sure that your home or business will be free from flea infestation and reinfestation. We offer a very comprehensive pest control plan which can be customized according to your needs, location, and budget. We are always one call away from flea inspections and treatments.

Why A Pest Pro?

  • Safe and Friendly Methods – Over the years we have mastered the safest and most effective methods in pest control as well as discover new ways on how to do them without harming the environment.
  • Local Flea Professionals – We are a family-owned business. This means that you can count on us to have your welfare our top priority. We only hire local pest control professionals who knowArlington, Mansfield, & Ft Worth area.

Don’t wait for fleas and other pests to endanger your pets and the people you hold dear. Call A Pest Pro today to learn more about our services and to schedule a FREE INSPECTION. Thank you and have a nice day!

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