There is a good reason why people are told to always steer clear a wasp nest. In Texas these flying stingers are considered more threatening than bees. They can be highly aggressive and can sting you multiple times. Unlike other pests, however, they rarely go out of their way to infest your property. The only real problem is when they start to colonize and build a nest near or within your home or business.

Don’t wait for these nuisance flyers become real threats to your family or the people around you. We at A Pest Pro offer safe and effective Wasp Pest Control Solutions in the Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, Texas area. If you see wasps or suspect a growing infestation, have trusted, local professionals identify them and apply the appropriate solution.

Types of Wasps

  • Paper Wasps – These wasps are known to build paper-like nests under the branches of trees or shrubs, pipes, decks, railings, door frames, eaves, attics, or porch railings. They are less aggressive and even considered beneficial since they prey on other harmful pests. The real concern is when they become threatened and sting continuously.
  • Yellow Jackets – Their distinct black and yellow color cause people to mistake them for honeybees. They are also called meat bees or ground bees because they carnivorous (always looking out for insects or animal carcass) and their nests are always found near the ground. They can be very aggressive when threatened.
  • Cicada Killers – From the name itself, these large wasps prey on and eventually lay their eggs inside cicadas. They are considered nuisance at most because only the female can sting, and they rarely do.
  • Mud Daubers – Also known as thread waist wasps, these flying insects seldom sting and are rarely protective of their nests. They are solitary wasps, which mean that they do not live in big groups or colonies.

Wasp Pest Control Services

Wasp Nest Treatment – Under no circumstances should an untrained person attempt to remove a wasp nest. When they detect any threat or if someone gets too close, they immediately become aggressive. Let us take care of your problem through our wasp nest solutions, i.e. Dust Treatment, Liquid Treatment, and Mechanical Treatment. Once the infestation has been fully removed, we will conduct another inspection just to make sure that these pests don’t return.

Wasp Prevention – This includes regular inspections, light modifications, and spraying to make sure your home or business is not prone to infestation any time soon.

Why A Pest Pro?

  • Safe and Friendly Methods – Over the years we have mastered the safest and most effective methods in pest control as well as discover new ways on how to do them without harming the environment.
  • Local Wasp Professionals – We are a family-owned business. This means that you can count on us to have your welfare our top priority.

Don’t wait for wasps and other pests to endanger the people you hold dear. Call A Pest Pro today to learn more about our services and to schedule a FREE INSPECTION. Thank you and have a nice day!

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